We Are Proud To Be On Such a Big Project Istanbul 3.Airport

Posted by MSM 26/09/2017 0 Comment(s) MSM News,

The Istanbul New 3rd. Airport's project at scope; EMT, IMC, RSC electrical conduits, connectors and special adapters in an attempt to procure / provision, our agreement was signed between EHA- ADI of cooperation (Elmak Energy A.Ş. – Hipot Energy A.Ş. - Armin Electrical A.Ş.) and MSM Mühendislik Elektromekanik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

We are proud to be on such a big project, an important investment for our country. As MSM Engineering, we continue to strike our signatures to many important projects with sales, marketing and manufacturing team in the Turkey. 

As MSM Engineering, we continue to render service by taking part in many great projects at domestic and abroad for years with our own manufacturing products and our imported products in kind of EMT, IMC, RSC type conduits, connector, adapter, coupling, clamp, elbow, junction box, bushing, condulet, flexible steel conduits and general accessories series, pvc-halogen-free conduits and general accessories series and ATEX certified ex-proof electrical equipments. We are making a big contribution in projects by quality goods portfolio, rapid and creative solutions. We have a lot of domestic and international certificated products in portfolio also, we able to find solution along with local manufacturing and stocked products all the time.